Co-op Bank Credit Card

We offer Caribbean Credit Card Corporation (4Cs) credit cards which can be used to conduct direct or online purchases and cash advances. Because credit cards are structured as a revolving line of credit, cardholders do not need to repay the full amount due each month, but may choose to make a partial payment equal to or above the minimum payment shown on the monthly statement. These credit cards are offered in three tiers: Classic/Standard, Gold and Business.

Electronic statements are provided when you register with the Caribbean Credit Card Corporation. Card inquiry online service is available, click the link:


Card Features

1Money on the go - 24/7 access to your funds
2Purchase at millions of locations worldwide
3Safety and security guaranteed with chip and pin technology
4Monthly statements available to keep track of your transactions
5Fraud reporting and protection services available

Visa Classic & MasterCard Standard

A primary card that offers global payment services and worldwide acceptance. 

Limits up to USD $5,000/ECD $13,500.
Annual cardholder fee of $115.00

Limits up to USD $5,000/ECD $13,500

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Visa & MasterCard Gold

A premium card that provides more value to cardholders than a classic or standard card in terms of the spending limits.

Limits from USD $5,000/ECD $13,500.
Annual cardholder fee of $172.50

Limits from USD $5,000/ECD $13,500

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Visa Corporate/Business

A convenient card designed to enable mid-to-large sized companies to manage travel, entertainment and other expenses.

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Credit Card Requirements

1Completed application form
2Employment for at least one year
3Job letter
4Valid photo identification

For nationals (Grenadian citizens), non-nationals with permanent residence status, nationals (Grenadian citizens) residing overseas – one (1) piece; non-nationals – two (2) pieces

  • National Insurance Scheme (NIS) Card
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Voter’s identification card
  • National identification card
  • Any state approved identification with a photo and date of birth
5Overseas applicants need to provide these additional documents
  • Tax returns for the last two years
  • Most recent payslips (at least four)
  • Recent credit report from Credit Bureau
  • Statement of outstanding debts locally and abroad

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